Tuesday, 9 August 2016


I wasn't planning on doing a blog post on these beauties but I thought, why not? and I was inspired by the lovely Kitty. Make sure to check out her blog Kitty&B to know why I was inspired.

I am sure most of us have seen the coveted Chanel slingback shoes that have been  all over Instagram and Pinterest for a while now thanks to fashion bloggers but the price point is not really friendly if you are on a budget, plus they are hard to find in the Chanel stores because they sale out fast.

The lovely Muzabula of MissKundwe sent me a link to these beauties and I just died!! I knew I had to get them. They were only £8 after-all. Bargain!!!!!

They are super comfortable and can be tightened if you want them to be snug and secure. They are true to size as well. They have a soft suedette finish which will obviously make it hard to clean but who cares? lol The sole of the heel is slightly textured but not enough to keep you safe on tiled and slippery floors, I would suggest to use a nail file just to give the sole a bit of texture. 

These beauties are currently on sale for £8 on New Look

I have seen quite a few Chanel inspired slingback shoes out there in the fashion world, do let me know if you have any or plan on buying any.

Lots of Love,

Kapinda. X


Thursday, 4 August 2016


WOW!!! It's been 4 months since I last blogged, not sure how that happened but time does fly by quickly especially when you have an active toddler that needs to be entertained all day and fighting nap time. A not so strict daily routine does help the day go by quickly when we are staying indoors too.

Reading books is part of our daily routine. I want her to continue reading and loving books through out her life because we learn something new from just reading books and opens our mind to a lot of different things that you would not have given a thought to, so I jumped on board when Sweet Cherry Publishing asked me if I wanted to review some of their books.

Sweet Cherry Publishing are committed to producing beautifully designed and engaging books for children of all ages and levels. Their books aim to spark your imagination and give you the opportunity to revisit your favourite characters again and again making them stand the test of time.

We received; 

A Case Of Good Manners  which comes in a glossy carry case and includes 12 mini books titled:  Excuse me, Helping, Please, Thank you, Honesty, Sharing, Keep trying, Confidence, Taking turns, Kindness, Listening and Sorry.  My 20 month old toddler is still a little young to get the concept but you know what they say, "start them young". She loves playing with the books and looking at the pictures as well as "reading" them to mummy. The books are very bright and colourful, they also have helpful hints for parents at the back.They are a great way to talk about good manners and an everyday reminder. The books also make a jigsaw when you turn them over. It is quite difficult to get the books out of the case which is frustrating for both of us, she loves to take things out and put them back in place but since she can't do it on her own I have to do it for her and I do not mind if its just 3 to maybe 5 times but its usually what feels like a 100 times!

Dr Hedgehog 3 Book Collection is intended to be read aloud to young children. There are common characters, but each story can be read independently of the others and they come with lovely pull out posters that can be framed and put up on the walls. I believe they would be a great addition to any kids room decor. The collection includes Dr Hedgehog and the river rescue, Dr Hedgehog and the tree rescue, Dr Hedgehog and the post box rescue. The books are easily written and beautifully illustrated which captures my little munchkins attention. They also show consequences of doing something wrong. The only issue that I have is with the ending of the post box rescue when Mavis mouse was so excited that she forgot to say thank you to Dr Hedgehog. I think it should have ended with her calling Dr Hedgehog to thank him for helping Martin mouse.

MR PATTACAKEWhich is also a 3 book collection includes: The Big Idea, The Dog's Dinner Disaster and The Pirates. The collection tells the stories of a goodhearted, eccentric chef and his ginger cat, Treacle. The books are full of of bizarre characters and disastrous adventures that capture your imagination. My little munchkin is a little too young for this series. I will probably read them myself and keep them for her till she is old enough to read and understand them.

Make sure to check out Sweet Cherry Publishing for more interesting books.

Happy Reading,



Disclaimer: I received the books from Sweet Cherry Publishing to review. All views expressed are purely of my own.

Sunday, 20 March 2016


To all haul lovers, I have a new clothing haul for you guys.

£4 from £7.99 H&M

£5.99 H&M

£17.99 NEW LOOK

£7.99 H&M

£14.99 H&M
£7.99 from £14.99 H&M
£5.99 H&M
£12.99 H&M
£7.99 H&M
£22 from £45 TOPSHOP
£9.99 from £25 FOREVER21
£1.99 FOREVER21
£0.99 FOREVER21
£11.99 FOREVER21
£22.00 from £59.99 MANGO VIA SECRET SALES and thanks to KITTYANDB

Hope you liked it.

Lots of love,

Kapinda. X

Friday, 4 March 2016



Hey loves, 

I am sure we all know the importance of a routine by now, so I will not go into it. If not I would suggest you google it, sorry having a very lazy writing moment.

Bedtime routine usually changes as they grow and this is Liseli's current bedtime routine. She is 15 months old.

 7:00 pm Bath.

 Liseli loves her baths, will give her a wash, brush her teeth. she then plays with her bath toys and bath book. She has normal to dry skin which is prone to mild eczema so we use the Aveeno body wash for dry and sensitive skin and it works pretty well.

7:20 pm 

Massage and moisturise using Optima raw virgin coconut oil.

7:30 pm Story Time

When I am done reading one of the books, she gets the book, flips through it and reads. It is the cutest thing ever. Her favourite is Kiss Goodnight Sam by Amy Hest. 

7:50 pm Bed

We say a prayer, kiss her goodnight, tell her we love her, switch on her Summer Infant Slumber Buddies Night Light and put her down. She falls asleep by 8:00pm.

What does your toddlers bedtime routine look like?

Lots of love,

Kapinda. X


Saturday, 13 February 2016


Hey loves,

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend. It has been a very lazy one. Spent most of it in lounge wear. Who am I kidding? I am always in Lounge wear, unless I am going out.

We decided on Tesco Online shopping and tried to stick to the shopping list.

 Hope you lovely people enjoy.

Lots of love,

Kapinda. X

Tesco British Whole Medium Chicken 1.35-1.55kg £4.00
Tesco Pork Chops 720G £4.00
Tesco Beef Steak Mince 600G £4.00 X2 ( 3 for 10 deal)

Tesco Iceberg Lettuce £0.49
Tesco Broccoli X4 £1.96
Tesco Mixed Peppers 3 pack 500G £0.99
Tesco Sweet Potatoes 1KG £1.00

Tesco Blueberries 200G X2 £3.00
Tesco Pink Lady Apple Min 5 Pack 670G £2.50
Tesco Seedless Grapes 500G £2.00
Tesco everyday value lemons min 3 pack X2 £1.78
Tesco everyday value oranges min pack 4 £0.96

Nestle cheerios cereal 600G £1.59
Tesco Super Berry Granola 500G £1.99

Tesco smooth peanut butter 700G £2.35
Lurpak Unsalted Spreadable 500G X2 £6.50

Ella's Kitchen X7 £7.7
Lindt Excellence 85% Cocoa Dark chocolate bar 100G X2 £3.78
Tesco milk chocolate coated Brazil nuts 140G £1.00

Hovis Granary thick bread 800G £1.00
Tesco everyday value eggs minimum weight box of 15 £1.25

Carex protect plus moisturising handwash 250ml £1.00
Aquafresh complete care whitening 100ml £2.80

Tesco chopped italian tomatoes 400G £1.56

Tesco British whole milk 2.272L/4pints £1.00
Yeo valley natural yoghurt 500G £1.50
Alpro big pot coconut yoghurt alternative 500G £3.60


Saturday, 6 February 2016


Yep, babies do grow up so fast! I cannot believe she is 14 months already. Time just flies by, wake up in the morning and the next thing it is bedtime already and I just wonder where the day has gone.

She has outgrown a few of her basics and currently in size 12-18 months, so perfect excuse to shop around. I usually get her basics from Zara because they are amazing quality and very affordable. 

Printed Leggings £6.99
Printed leggings £6.99
Organic cotton T-shirt with tulle bows £3.99
T-shirt with shiny print £2.99
Sequin text top £3.99
pack of six plain bodysuits £12.99, pack of four socks £4.99, pack of three ankle socks £2.99

Hope you enjoyed this little haul. Let me know what your favourite item is in the comments section.

Lots of love,

Kapinda. X
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