Sunday, 28 February 2016


Let us talk about hair extensions, what brand, type, length do you like? I like to switch up my hair a lot, I get bored with the same hairstyle but I do love curly,coily and kinky(my natural texture) hair. Maintaining curly hair is just so much work so I knew I wanted something short and easy to maintain.

My friend Bee and I were talking about our next hairstyles as we usually do and she suggested I look at hair by Alibarbara hair products Ltd on Aliexpress. I have never been sure about getting anything from Aliexpress because of all the bad reviews I read. Bee told me she gets most of her hair from Aliexpress and it always looks great so I decided to try it.

The hair I ordered is the Unprocessed Malaysian Virgin Hair Body wave. I got two 10" and two 12" all for £37.36 including postage!!!! Bargain!!!

I ordered the hair around Christmas time and delivery took a week via DHL. The hair was individually wrapped and came in the pink bag with the eye lashes which I thought was a good touch even though they are a little dramatic for me.

The hair was very soft with minimal shedding when passing my fingers through it. I co washed it with Herbal Essences Dazzling Shine conditioner and the water did not have any dye in it, just the cloudy colour from the conditioner. The waves dropped after co washing it which was such a bummer. 

The hair was less soft after wearing it for a month but I think it is because of the hair moisturiser that I put on my own natural hair. I do not put any products on the extensions. I wash it every two weeks and I have noticed a lot more shedding.

I have been loving this hair and will definitely buy from them again!! Thanks  Bee :) 

The hair was installed by my hairstylist Catherine. Do check her out if you are in London, Cambridge or Bury St Edmunds. She is amazing!

Lots of Love,

Kapinda. X



  1. I feel like you're reading my mind! I have had some hair from Aliexpress in my basket for about a year now! But, never actually gotten round to buying! Hahaha! I'll admit, I'm a novice when it comes to hair and just let the experts tell me what to do. More of these posts please as it's great inspo! xx

    1. Lol a year?? You just have to find a good seller with great reviews and a good number of orders from their store. Search for the store on Aliexpress, I forgot to link it 🙈

  2. I have gotten hair on AliExpress a couple of times and honestly I feel it just depends on which vendor you go for. Thorough research is definitely advisable. You pulled off the fringe look. If only I could. x

    1. Yeah, I think I will stick to this vendor for now. X

    2. And I think you would look amazing with a fringe!!x


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