Saturday, 13 February 2016


Hey loves,

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend. It has been a very lazy one. Spent most of it in lounge wear. Who am I kidding? I am always in Lounge wear, unless I am going out.

We decided on Tesco Online shopping and tried to stick to the shopping list.

 Hope you lovely people enjoy.

Lots of love,

Kapinda. X

Tesco British Whole Medium Chicken 1.35-1.55kg £4.00
Tesco Pork Chops 720G £4.00
Tesco Beef Steak Mince 600G £4.00 X2 ( 3 for 10 deal)

Tesco Iceberg Lettuce £0.49
Tesco Broccoli X4 £1.96
Tesco Mixed Peppers 3 pack 500G £0.99
Tesco Sweet Potatoes 1KG £1.00

Tesco Blueberries 200G X2 £3.00
Tesco Pink Lady Apple Min 5 Pack 670G £2.50
Tesco Seedless Grapes 500G £2.00
Tesco everyday value lemons min 3 pack X2 £1.78
Tesco everyday value oranges min pack 4 £0.96

Nestle cheerios cereal 600G £1.59
Tesco Super Berry Granola 500G £1.99

Tesco smooth peanut butter 700G £2.35
Lurpak Unsalted Spreadable 500G X2 £6.50

Ella's Kitchen X7 £7.7
Lindt Excellence 85% Cocoa Dark chocolate bar 100G X2 £3.78
Tesco milk chocolate coated Brazil nuts 140G £1.00

Hovis Granary thick bread 800G £1.00
Tesco everyday value eggs minimum weight box of 15 £1.25

Carex protect plus moisturising handwash 250ml £1.00
Aquafresh complete care whitening 100ml £2.80

Tesco chopped italian tomatoes 400G £1.56

Tesco British whole milk 2.272L/4pints £1.00
Yeo valley natural yoghurt 500G £1.50
Alpro big pot coconut yoghurt alternative 500G £3.60



  1. B absolutely loves the sweet potato Ella's kitchen. Can't get him to eat many others as he prefers BLW and feeding himself with finger foods. And I love love love the coconut yoghurt! 😋

    1. Yeah, Liseli prefers feeding herself too. We use them for snacks or out and about and she just sucks it out herself lol


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