Tuesday, 9 August 2016


I wasn't planning on doing a blog post on these beauties but I thought, why not? and I was inspired by the lovely Kitty. Make sure to check out her blog Kitty&B to know why I was inspired.

I am sure most of us have seen the coveted Chanel slingback shoes that have been  all over Instagram and Pinterest for a while now thanks to fashion bloggers but the price point is not really friendly if you are on a budget, plus they are hard to find in the Chanel stores because they sale out fast.

The lovely Muzabula of MissKundwe sent me a link to these beauties and I just died!! I knew I had to get them. They were only £8 after-all. Bargain!!!!!

They are super comfortable and can be tightened if you want them to be snug and secure. They are true to size as well. They have a soft suedette finish which will obviously make it hard to clean but who cares? lol The sole of the heel is slightly textured but not enough to keep you safe on tiled and slippery floors, I would suggest to use a nail file just to give the sole a bit of texture. 

These beauties are currently on sale for £8 on New Look

I have seen quite a few Chanel inspired slingback shoes out there in the fashion world, do let me know if you have any or plan on buying any.

Lots of Love,

Kapinda. X



  1. I love you and these shoes!!😍 Totally getting them! Thanks for the head's up and the mention! ☺️ You have to link this up with #mumsthatslay http://styleafternine.com/tag/mumsthatslay/ xx

    1. I love you more!! I will check the link out, thanks hun. Never heard of the website. X

    2. New YouTube video today. I've added these shoes and given you a shout out, too! :o) xx

    3. Awwww thanks for the shoutout!! Patiently waiting for the video! I will need to turn the notification on ☺


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