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WOW!!! It's been 4 months since I last blogged, not sure how that happened but time does fly by quickly especially when you have an active toddler that needs to be entertained all day and fighting nap time. A not so strict daily routine does help the day go by quickly when we are staying indoors too.

Reading books is part of our daily routine. I want her to continue reading and loving books through out her life because we learn something new from just reading books and opens our mind to a lot of different things that you would not have given a thought to, so I jumped on board when Sweet Cherry Publishing asked me if I wanted to review some of their books.

Sweet Cherry Publishing are committed to producing beautifully designed and engaging books for children of all ages and levels. Their books aim to spark your imagination and give you the opportunity to revisit your favourite characters again and again making them stand the test of time.

We received; 

A Case Of Good Manners  which comes in a glossy carry case and includes 12 mini books titled:  Excuse me, Helping, Please, Thank you, Honesty, Sharing, Keep trying, Confidence, Taking turns, Kindness, Listening and Sorry.  My 20 month old toddler is still a little young to get the concept but you know what they say, "start them young". She loves playing with the books and looking at the pictures as well as "reading" them to mummy. The books are very bright and colourful, they also have helpful hints for parents at the back.They are a great way to talk about good manners and an everyday reminder. The books also make a jigsaw when you turn them over. It is quite difficult to get the books out of the case which is frustrating for both of us, she loves to take things out and put them back in place but since she can't do it on her own I have to do it for her and I do not mind if its just 3 to maybe 5 times but its usually what feels like a 100 times!

Dr Hedgehog 3 Book Collection is intended to be read aloud to young children. There are common characters, but each story can be read independently of the others and they come with lovely pull out posters that can be framed and put up on the walls. I believe they would be a great addition to any kids room decor. The collection includes Dr Hedgehog and the river rescue, Dr Hedgehog and the tree rescue, Dr Hedgehog and the post box rescue. The books are easily written and beautifully illustrated which captures my little munchkins attention. They also show consequences of doing something wrong. The only issue that I have is with the ending of the post box rescue when Mavis mouse was so excited that she forgot to say thank you to Dr Hedgehog. I think it should have ended with her calling Dr Hedgehog to thank him for helping Martin mouse.

MR PATTACAKEWhich is also a 3 book collection includes: The Big Idea, The Dog's Dinner Disaster and The Pirates. The collection tells the stories of a goodhearted, eccentric chef and his ginger cat, Treacle. The books are full of of bizarre characters and disastrous adventures that capture your imagination. My little munchkin is a little too young for this series. I will probably read them myself and keep them for her till she is old enough to read and understand them.

Make sure to check out Sweet Cherry Publishing for more interesting books.

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Disclaimer: I received the books from Sweet Cherry Publishing to review. All views expressed are purely of my own.

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  1. She's back! �� I love the sound of the Case of Good Manners you picked. Except the 100 times getting in and out! ��. Perhaps your edit of Dr Hedgehog will make the 2nd edition. We've got a review with Sweet Cherry, too coming up and I'm excited. We have so many new books at the moment, it's such a great way to spend quality time and stimulate their imagination. Good to have you back ��


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